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Map of Park Lane Terrace

Park Lane Terrace Limited LTC Home
295 Grand River Street North
Paris, Ontario
N3L 2N9
Tel: (519) 442-2753
Fax: (519) 442-6176


  • From Brantford/Hamilton
    • Take Highway 403 to Rest Acres Road
    • Turn right (north) to Highway 2 (Rest Acres Road ends at Hwy 2)
    • Turn right (east) to Highway 24A (also Grand River Street North)
    • Turn left (north) on Highway 24A and travel approximately 3 km
    • Watch for sign on right (just before McDonald’s)
  • From Highway 401
    • Take Highway 403 Hamilton/Niagara cutoff
    • Take Highway 403 to Rest Acres Road
    • Turn left (north) to Highway 2
    • Turn right (east) to Hwy 24A (also Grand River Street North)
    • Turn left (north) on Hwy 24A and travel approximately 3 km
    • Watch for sign on right (just before McDonald’s)
  • From Cambridge
    • Take Highway 24A to Paris
    • Watch for sign at foot of driveway on left side just after McDonald’s

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Welcome to Park Lane Terrace, a Long Term Care Home meeting the varied needs of 132 residents, in secure, air conditioned comfort.



With four self-contained, beautifully furnished resident home areas, we offer basic, semi-private and private rooms with ensuite washrooms.


  • Telephone and cable outlets are available in each room
  • Couples suites accommodate the needs of couples
  • Controlled access with alarmed exits
  • Fireside lounges and comfortable sitting areas


  • Lots of natural light throughout our beautifully appointed home
  • 30 acres of natural beauty including landscaped gardens and walkways


  • Air-conditioned comfort throughout
  • Supervised bathing provided twice a week



Residents are encouraged to bring any favourite items that will make their space more personal. Items not allowed are electric blankets, heating pads, extension cords or area rugs.



The Library offers an array of books, offering varied subjects in regular and large print. Books on tape are also available. Volunteer librarians are available to assist residents with accessing reading materials.


The Chapel was dedicated in 2002 and a place of gathering and worship. Interdenominational services are hosted weekly by members of the Paris Pastoral Services Group.

Dining Rooms are available on each of the home areas. Residents have assigned seating within the Dining Room with consideration given to matching compatible table mates. Assistance with meals is provided as necessary.


Twin River Court


Sunrise Court




Grand River Court

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Park Lane Terrace is pleased to offer tours of our home. We believe that it is important that families view several homes prior to placing their loved ones name on the Long Term Care waiting list.

Please feel free to contact our home to have your questions answered or book a tour. The staff at Park Lane Terrace is here to assist you at this difficult time of transition, and we will be pleased to help in any way we can.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the staffing ratios at Park Lane Terrace?

There is an RN on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. RPNs also work various shifts and assist as Charge Nurses, medication and treatment nurses. The approximate ratio of PSWs to residents is 1 to 10. Staffing ratios are higher at peak periods throughout the day, and lower in quieter periods such as mid afternoon. Staffing ratios also vary by home area as consideration is given to the needs of the residents living in each home area.

2. Who will be responsible for my medical care?

Residents may retain their own physician as long as that physician is willing to sign an agreement with the residence which outlines our medical staff by-laws, and to apply for privileges at the home. If a resident’s physician is not able to continue medical care for the resident at Park Lane Terrace, the residence’s medical advisor, Dr. Catherine Hanley will accept responsibility for the care of the resident.

3. How long has Park Lane Terrace been operating?

The CedarRidge/WillowGroveportion of our building was opened in 1991. The expanded residence containing Cobblestone Square, Sunrise Court, Grand River Court and Twin River Court was opened in December 2002. Park Lane Terrace is one of five long term care homes owned and operated privately by APANS Health Services with our head office based in London.

4. What if I need a wheelchair?

Our home has state-of-the-art equipment including a variety of weighing methods, lifting devices, hydro sonic tubs, monitoring devices, assistive devices such as special eating utensils, wheelchairs, walkers, etc. Residents with special needs are assessed for additional equipment that will encourage independence and make day-to-day living easier. Motorized wheelchairs are assessed on an individual basis and are allowed once the resident is deemed capable of operating one.

5. What about the meals?

Menus are on a 3-week rotation and change seasonally. Alternate entrées are always available at noon and supper meals, and residents always have a choice of entrée, vegetable and dessert. Special diets are easily accommodated and monitored by our Director of Food Services and Dietician. Nourishment is offered between meals, three times daily and supplements are provided when the need is identified by the Dietician.

6. Can I smoke at Park Lane Terrace?

Park Lane Terrace promotes a smoke-free environment in support of Brant County’s smoking by-laws, and the new provincial Smoking Legislation June 1, 2006. Any resident who chooses to smoke will participate in regular assessments to determine their safety and will be asked to sign an agreement related to our smoking policies. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas, and the resident must be deemed to be a safe smoker as staff does not assist with smoking. If the resident is unable to access the smoking area safely a family member must accompany them for all smoking activity.

Alcoholic beverages are permitted under specific conditions.

7. What types of activities are offered?

The Program staff provide for each resident’s recreational, general interest activities, rehabilitation and spiritual programs.

8. How do I pay the bill at Park Lane Terrace?

Billings go out to families the 3rd week of each month and are payable on the 1st of the following month. Although most things that residents need are included in the monthly payment – i.e. nursing and medical supplies, toiletries, food, laundry, some things are available at an additional cost – i.e. hairdressing, transportation, escort service, etc. Room rates at Park Lane Terrace are the same as those charged at any long term care home in Ontario. Rates are fixed by the Ministry of Health, and are usually increased annually on July 1st of each year. A notice will be sent out when rates are increasing.

9. Can I come and go from Park Lane Terrace?

The physician responsible will write an order allowing the resident to go out on pass. Residents are able to be signed out of the residence for outings with families when ever families request it. If medications need to be given during the time of the outing, the nurse will see that the family has a clearly labelled container with the dose to be given. Medical and vacation leaves of absence are also allowed by the Ministry of Health.

10. Can I bring in my personal items?

Residents are encouraged to bring personal belongings into the home to make their space within the residence more familiar. Electrical items are inspected by the Park Lane Terrace maintenance person and are tagged. Anything that is important to the resident and can be accommodated safely in their room is welcomed.

11. What information is required at the time of admission?

When a resident moves in, they or their family must bring to the office a copy of the POA and social insurance number. Any resident who moves into a basic or ward accommodation is potentially eligible for a rate reduction. This requires that the or their family bring in the notice of assessment from the latest income tax filing. This will allow us to determine if the resident qualifies for a rate reduction based on his/her income.

12. What if I decide to leave Park Lane Terrace for another Long Term Care Home?

If a resident moves out to another long term care home, they are responsible for room charges up to but not including the day of move out. Although the residence appreciates advance notice, and it is in the best interests of the resident, no advanced notice of leaving is required. Park Lane Terrace works with other long term care homes and community resources to make each transfer or move out as smooth as possible.

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Park Lane Terrace offers a secure environment. All doors are secured with mag locks that prevent the door from being opened internally or externally. All doors will automatically release in the event of fire. Many of the doors have key pads adjacent to them that when activated will release the mag locks for a time limited window, allowing residents, family or staff to enter or leave the building. Doors will alarm or re-lock at the end of this designated window of time.

Coded access allows residents and families to move freely in and out of the building. Residents who are capable are invited to exit the building and utilize the walkways, patios and garden areas around our home.

The secure dementia care home area is accessible by use of the access code. The code is posted on the keypad at the entrance to the home area.

The enclosed walkway can be accessed through the Sunrise Court Living Room or Dining Room.

Fire Drills

One fire drill is held on each shift, each month. Alarms are very loud and distracting. They may be very distressing to some residents.

Occasionally residents may also be asked to evacuate their rooms as part of the fire drill.

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The Placement Process

There are three aspects to arranging care that are important to remember:

  • Determining your eligibility (or whether you qualify for a particular service or subsidy)
  • Selecting the organization(s) that will provide the service (a “provider organization”)
  • Applying for care (filling in the appropriate paperwork)

Speak to your CCAC

Your local Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) can help you with defining your needs and personal situation, determining your eligibility, locating providers and applying for care.

<b>Residential Care Settings

If you are eligible for move in to a long-term care home, then the CCAC co-ordinates your application for you and you select your top three choices of Homes.

Type of service Who selects the provider Who co-ordinates the application Who determines eligibility
Supportive Housing You You The Provider
Retirement Homes You You The Provider
Long-Term Care Homes You select a maximum of 3 providers (except for short-stay respite or if immediate admission is required). The CCAC co-ordinates your application. A doctor or nurse provides medical information for the application. The CCAC

Once the application has been completed and your top three homes have been selected the application is sent to the chosen homes that then review the information and determine their ability to meet the needs of the applicant.

If the Long Term Care Home feels they are able to meet the applicant’s needs, a letter confirming acceptance will be sent out to the applicant or their substitute decision maker and the CCAC and the applicants name will be added to the waiting list.

Waiting lists for Long Term Care are managed by the CCAC. When the Long Term Care Home has a vacancy, they notify the CCAC who then makes a bed offer.

Remember, regardless of your situation or the options you are considering, your local Community Care Access Centre is here to help with resource information.

Information taken from the MOHLTC website at www.health.gov.on.ca.

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Financial Assistance

Current accommodation per diem rates are set by the Ontario Ministry of Health, and are available at the Ministry of Health website.

Rate Reductions

Residents who are in basic accommodations may be eligible for a reduction in their monthly charges. The resident or Power of Attorney needs to supply a Notice of Assessment (received from government upon receipt of your refund or tax bill) from the previous tax year and a T4-A receipt for Old Age Security. A simple calculation is then done on site to determine if the resident is entitled to a reduction. Effective November 1, 2007, a resident with an annual income below $19,991.40 would be eligible for a rate reduction. This amount is set by Ministry of Health and can change annually.

Exceptional Circumstances

Residents who are in basic accommodations and do not have a monthly income that will support the minimal rate as set by the Ministry of Health are able to submit an exceptional circumstance form requesting a further reduction in their monthly charges.

The Ministry requires extensive financial documentation for this reduction. Assistance will be provided at the Home to any resident or any resident’s Power of Attorney who is applying for this reduction.

Involuntary Separation

Residents who have a spouse living in the community may apply for an Involuntary Separation reduction. The Ministry does require financial documentation for this reduction. Residents or Power of Attorneys need to contact Income Security at 1-800-277-9914 for further information regarding this reduction.

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Staff Biographies

Mike Schmidt

Executive Director

Mike has been caring for seniors for over 20 years in the Kitchener to London area. After serving in the Canadian Forces as a Naval Officer for 15 years, he made the jump to Health Care administration beginning his career at Winston Park Retirement Community in Kitchener as Administrator and General Manager. Mike has a Master of Business Administration from Wilfrid Laurier University n Waterloo, and has completed the OANHSS Administrator Certification Program. He resides in the Village of Ayr with his wife Merry and 2 children.
You will often see Mike participating in resident activities or providing support in a variety of ways to residents. As a church organist and musician, he enjoys providing music in a variety of settings.
As the Executive Director, Mike and his team are responsible for ensuring a holistic but individualized approach when delivering care to the residents at Park Lane Terrace.

Patti Bean

Director, Business Services

Donna Heimpel

Director of Care

Donna graduated from Conestoga College in 1980.

She started her career at the Willett Hospital. She worked at the Willett for 20 years in all areas ie. Medical, palliative care and emergency. From there she became a Clinical Manager for home care services out of Hamilton.
In 2005 she became a Director of Care in Kitchener. She has spent the last almost 10 years as the Director of Care at a Long Term Care Home in Simcoe.
She is very happy to be a part of the Park Lane Terrace staff serving her own community. As Director of Care she oversees all aspects of care for the home.

Stacey Michiels

Director of Food Services

As the Director of Food Services, Stacey oversees all aspects of the Food Services Department. Stacey has a diploma in Food Service & Nutrition Management. Stacey has had the opportunity to manage the Food Services Departments in a Long Term Care Home with 128 residents, and supervise in a hospital setting; these experiences have provided a wealth of knowledge in respect to the inner works of the food services department within the healthcare industry. Prior to managing in LTC, Stacey graduated from the culinary management program at Fanshawe College and has experience as a cook in restaurants and hotels across Canada. Stacey strives to ensure our Residents receive well balanced and great tasting meals and is committed to ensuring excellence in meal service and food quality at Park Lane Terrace.

Brenda Dennis


Director of Programs and Support Services.
Brenda has 30 years experience in the Long Term Care Environment.

She recently received her certification in Long Term Care/Retirement Management Communities certification program through Mohawk College/Centennial College; she also completed her Recreation Leadership Diploma in 1990.

Brenda oversees the Staff within the Recreation Department, including Rehab, Volunteers and Pastoral Care. She also manages the Environmental Department. Brenda is the certified Co-Chair of the Joint Health and Safety Committee, member of the Wellness Committee, Social Committee, Family Forum and Residents Council.

    Janice Brown, RN

    Nurse Manager

    Janice comes from a family of twelve who were raised on the largest fresh water Island in the world: Manitoulin Island. At a young age she aspired to be a nurse; initially trained as a Registered Practical Nurse Janice recognized her desire to further her education and attended Sault College in Sault St. Marie completing her nursing diploma and becoming a registered nurse in 1981.

    Janice's experience has been varied, and she has acquired a broad knowledge base over her years in health care.

    Janice joined the Park Lane nursing team in 2003 as a part-time RN and in 2006.  She is the Nursing Unit Manager of Sunrise Court, Grand River Court and Twin River Court, our dementia care units. Janice also leads the Dementia Care Team and works closely with the Alzheimer's Society of Brant to meet the education needs of staff at Park Lane Terrace.

    Janice thoroughly enjoys her nursing career and states, "I see every resident as an extended family member. Your loved one is my loved one."

    Please don't hesitate to contact Janice at any time if you have questions related to your loved one, or dementia care services offered by Park Lane Terrace.

    Donna Clarke

    Volunteer Coordinator


    Donna started at Park Lane Terrace 19 years ago as a Personal Support Worker. She worked in that field with Park Lane and continued with her education until she was certified as a Restorative Care worker through Mohawk College and studied Gerontology. Donna has remained in the Recreation Department for 17 years as a RCW and the Volunteer Coordinator.

    Her job in to ensure the emotional, spiritual, physical, social needs of the Residents are met through recreation programs. She plans and implements programs designed especially for the needs of each individual resident.

    As Volunteer Coordinator Donna must recruit and retain community volunteers to assist and/or run activities, visit, attend and assist with outings,etc.

    Julie Foerster

    Rehabilitation/Recreation Manager


    Julie graduated from Conestoga College in 2001 in the Occupational and Physiotherapy Assistant program. Since then she has worked in a variety of settings including physiotherapy clinics, hospitals, retirement homes and long term care in the Brantford and Paris area. Her most fulfilling experience was in the long term care homes where she was able to share her passion for working with older adults. Julie has worked at Park Lane since 2002 in a number of different roles including working as a contract PTA, then being hired as the Rehab Coordinator and is currently working as the Rehab and Recreation Manager.

    As the Rehab and Recreation Manager, Julie oversees the Rehab department working with staff, residents, families and the rehab staff to develop personalized goal centered exercise programs to improve and maintain resident independence. Julie also works within the Recreation department to provide a variety of recreation programs.

    If you have any questions regarding Rehabilitation or Recreation programming please contact Julie Foerster.

    Wanda Green, RN

    Nurse Manager


    Wanda graduated from Mohawk College (Brantford General Hospital Campus) in 1979.

    Her experience has been extensive and varied having held positions as Charge Nurse, Director of Care and Administrator. Starting her career Wanda worked at Lady Willingdon Hospital which was later renamed Iroquois Lodge. She has been a valued member of the Park Lane Terrace Team since June of 2008.

    In addition to her role as Nurse Unit Manager for Heritage Court, Wanda is Chairperson for the Park Lane Terrace Palliative Care Team.

    Linda Winn

    RAI-MDS Coordinator


    Linda Winn graduated from Sheridan College in 1978. She has worked at PLT since 1985.

    Linda began as a part-time staff member working all shifts. She is responsible for overseeing Park Lane's Infection Control Program & recently completed Non-acute ICP basic course. Linda worked as Unit Manager for several months on Grand River Court and assumed the role of RAI-MDS Co-ordinator in June 2009. She enjoys working with the elderly and fulfilling her many roles at Park Lane Terrace.

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    Photo Gallery

    Park Lane Terrace Exterior 11
    Park Lane Terrace Exterior 12
    Park Lane Terrace Exterior 10
    Park Lane Terrace Exterior 8
    Park Lane Terrace Exterior 9
    Park Lane Terrace Exterior 6
    Park Lane Terrace Exterior 7
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    Ministry Inspections

    Annual inspections are completed by the Ontario Ministry of Health.

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    Links & Resources

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    Park Lane Terrace employs Registered Nurses (RNs), Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs), Personal Support Workers (PSWs), Dietary Aides, Laundry Aides and Housekeepers. We hire only qualified, caring people to care for our residents.

    Employee Wellness

    Purpose: To enable staff to perform their jobs and work towards meeting the Mission Statement. Park Lane Terrace ensures the health and well-being of staff members through the following avenues:

    • Social environment
    • Healthy lifestyles
    • Health and safety
    • Cultural environment

    Our on-site Wellness Room features two treadmills, weights, stepper for staff use. Our Wellness Committee promotes wellness activities throughout the year including our wellness week in October.

    Our wellness activities include:

    • Hydration days
    • Healthy potlucks
    • Healthy snack-making
    • Weight loss challenges
    • Walking challenges
    • Smoking cessation

    Health and Safety

    Park Lane Terrace has a complete Health and Safety Program that provides all employees with education and equipment to allow then to perform their duties in a safe and secure manner. We follow all standards set out by Ministry of Health and Ministry of Labour.
    Staff Appreciation

    Park Lane Terrace realizes the importance of staff recognition. Throughout the year, Park Lane celebrates their staff accomplishments through regular recognition. Park Lane is committed to the staff appreciation program that recognizes longevity as well as individual accomplishments. To support staff; Park Lane has a strong education program that ensures staff have the tools they need to do their job at a high level of excellence.

      There are currently no job openings at Park Lane Terrace Limited.

    Volunteers Needed!

    If you have some spare time, enjoy socializing with seniors, or have a special hobby you would like to share, we have opportunities for you to volunteer at Park Lane Terrace.

    Experience that feeling of fulfilment as you brighten a senior’s day and contribute to enhancing the quality of life for someone in need.

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    We are a compassionate team committed to providing exceptional resident-centered care. We provide an extended family atmosphere in a peaceful rural setting.